Ten Days Team Reaches Out to Youth in Restricted Nation

Every Nation is a church planting movement with a vision to establish churches and campus ministries in every nation. In Asia, we train leaders to engage, establish, equip, and empower believers for the work of ministry, sending out cross-cultural missionaries, campus missionaries, and Ten Days missioners to bring the gospel to nations across Asia.

In October 2016, a Ten Days team visited a restricted nation in East Asia. For several days, they engaged locals and ministered to key leaders of our churches in the city capital of a northwestern province; at present, Every Nation has three church locations here.

“We learned that there are currently 65 small groups meeting regularly here,” Divine, a member of the team from Victory Caloocan, shares excitedly. “Seventy men and women are going through ONE 2 ONE now, and around 400 people have already undergone Victory Weekend!”

On the average, around 500 people regularly attend the Sunday services here, many of whom are young people. Our Ten Days team was able to engage many students in four universities, and connected the majority of them to our Every Nation church. These students were able to attend their first worship service, where they also witnessed their newfound friends serve in church through KIDS Church and praise and worship leading. “One of our teammates met a male student in a university,” Divine shares, “After a few hours of engaging, the student accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.”

On a day designated as “Campus Day,” Divine and her team visited their target universities to meet the local students. “We met three students in this university,” she shares, “We were surprised that after a few hours, they also invited their roommates to join us!” With their newfound friends, they were further connected to more students, whom they also invited to fellowship with them. By evening, Divine and her team were able to meet and engage with a total of 40 students, who all joined their small group.

The team was also tasked to spearhead a farewell party at the church for the students they’ve met the past ten days. “We were overwhelmed with the turnout!” Divine exclaims, “More than 50 students from different campuses showed up!” The party became a venue for them to fellowship with the students, share their testimonies, and preach the gospel to them. “We got feedback that the students felt so welcomed and loved,” Divine says, “We were able to connect them to the church and share God’s love to them!”

For Divine and her teammates, their Ten Days trip allowed them to have a deeper compassion towards other people. They learned to trust God in a new country despite cultural differences and the language barrier, and this helped them grow deeper in their relationship with God.

“God opened our eyes to see that there is no such thing as a restricted nation,” Divine says, “The power of the Gospel can penetrate the hearts of the people. Someone just needs to go out of his or her comfort zone to make sure it reaches them.”

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