Ten Days Team Instrumental to Breakthroughs in Papua New Guinea

We’re excited to share with you the breakthroughs we’re experiencing at Papua New Guinea! 

Last August 23, Pastor Sherwin Sabado and his family landed in Papua New Guinea; a month later, a Ten Days team from Victory Metro East followed. It was a fruitful time of reaching out to the locals and connecting them to the church.

God is certainly opening doors in this nation. One noteworthy connection made was with Daniel*, an employee in the National Parliament House. The Ten Days team went to the Parliament House with the intention of doing a prayer walk; while there, they were able to engage some employees. Their brief chitchat resulted into them being invited inside the building.

Daniel, who happens to be in charge of touring visitors, assisted the Ten Days Team inside the session hall. Eventually, the team prayed for him, and invited him to church. The following Sunday, he came with his family–his wife, kid, and two nieces. Right now, he and his wife Christa*, are going through ONE 2 ONE with Pastor Sherwin, and Ria*, a missionary.

The opportunities to preach the gospel don’t end there. Kala, a former Papua New Guinea ambassador to South Korea, was also invited to the Sunday service by one of the Filipino members of Every Nation Papua New Guinea. There, he met Pastor Sherwin, and was connected to a small group. Today, he is also going through ONE 2 ONE, too.

With the help of the Ten Days team, the campus ministry was jump-started in Gerehu Secondary School. The team used the God Test to engage the students and to gauge their understanding of Christianity. The students were very open to learning and hearing more about God. Relationships were established, and some even started attending the Sunday service regularly. A couple of students have also made the decision to undergo ONE 2 ONE.

During a concert of the Planetshakers, a popular Christian band from Australia, two students were also reached out to by the Ten Days team. They have finished ONE 2 ONE, and are now consistently attending the Sunday service, while being discipled by Pastor Sherwin, too.

Indeed, the breakthroughs in Papua New Guinea are unstoppable. Last August 28, they celebrated their fourth anniversary. The Philippine Consul, together with her husband, was present and she spoke before the congregation. It was a joyous time of giving thanks, and praying together as a body of believers, as they collectively dedicated their nation to God. 

Together, let us pray that the seeds planted by our Ten Days team will grow and bear fruit. Let us intercede for our Every Nation church in Papua New Guinea as we identify and raise more leaders. The 2011 census found that 95.6% of citizens identified themselves as members of a Christian church. However, many citizens combine their Christian faith with some traditional indigenous religious practices. Together, let us intercede for them, so that God’s kingdom will advance in this nation and more disciples are raised up to be disciple makers, too.

* Persons’ names have been changed to protect their identity.

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