Join with us in praying for God’s work in the nations. By planting with us, also in prayer, you are advancing God’s kingdom to the ends of the earth. The breakthroughs we are experiencing can only come with prayer and perseverance as we seek God’s heart for the nations.

Worship Service for the Youth Launches in Restricted Nation

As a movement, Every Nation has always given emphasis on making disciples of the next generation. We believe in reaching the campuses because we believe that every student has a chance to change their lives through the gospel, and in the future, positively change the world too.

That is why we celebrate this recent milestone for one of our churches in a restricted nation in South Asia. Last June 30, they launched their first youth service, which is also the first worship service catered to young people that happens on a weekly basis. Typically, churches in this nation can only hold a youth service once a month. Scheduled at 7:30pm, the service aims to accommodate students after their classes, before they end their day.

We believe that God is opening new doors into the mission field for the next generation. We are in faith that many young people will receive Jesus as their Savior, and will be discipled through these services. Let us intercede for our Every Nation church in this restricted nation as they break barriers and boldly preach the gospel.

  • Pray for the worship team and other young people serving as volunteers to the worship services, that they may delight in their work and be refreshed as they serve.

  • Pray for new volunteers and leaders to step out, so that the current teams will be spared from exhaustion and fatigue.

  • Pray for new preachers among the youth, so that the gospel may be preached in a manner that will resonate most with their fellow young people.

  • Pray for protection against any kind of attack–be it physical or spiritual–as our missionaries continue to serve in this restricted nation.

Together, we believe that we can reach every student, on every campus, in every nation.

Our Every Nation missionaries in this creative access nation continue to boldly preach the gospel, disciple locals and raise leaders. If you would like to support our missionaries with monthly or one-time gifts, please click here.

Ten Days Team Blesses Local Missionaries In Restricted Nation

“You can accomplish a lot in ten days,” Toby says, “and it was overwhelming to experience what God did in those ten days. Still,” he adds, “I wish we had more time. It felt like it wasn’t enough.”

Toby was one of eight short-term missioners from Victory Pioneer who participated in a Ten Days trip to a restricted nation in the Middle East last March 2016. He and his teammates made the most of their short time there.

“We spent a lot of time with local missionaries and connecting to locals,” Toby says. “We met up with students on campus, engaged overseas Filipino contract workers, and chatted with the locals.”

Whether riding the city buses, walking on the streets, or shooting the breeze at the local malls, everyone intentionally tried to make a connection with the locals.

“We were able to make at least 18 new friends,” Toby smiles. “We couldn’t believe how easily we connected with them, and we were able to connect them to our local missionaries for discipleship.”

The missioners also ministered to the local team’s existing contacts, encouraging and inspiring the local team as they learned more about God’s love. God also used the team to bless the local church with a portable sound system, which the church needed as it continues to grow in number.

“We had the opportunity to also give useful items such as kitchen tools and supplies,” says Toby. “These are helpful for when the church hosts dinners and holds regular Sunday lunch fellowship.”

Finally, the Ten Days team took the opportunity to pray with the local church and its missionaries for a location near the country’s biggest university. A location accessible to the university and its students would give our missionaries more opportunities to engage and build relationships with them.

As this restricted nation continues to open up to God’s Word, let us pray for the safety, provision and protection of our local missionaries as they become salt and light in this part of the world.

* For security reasons, we have changed the name of the Ten Days missioner in this article.

Disclaimer: The image used in this article is of a desert in Huacachina, Peru, and does not represent the Middle Eastern nation referred to in the article.

March 2016 Prayer Points – Central Asia

Please join us as we continue to pray for our students, missionaries, and leaders in a creative access Central Asian country. (Click here to read our latest update in this nation.)

  • That God’s wisdom and anointing will be upon our missionaries as they continue to interact with locals and newfound contacts.
  • That our missionaries will be able to effectively communicate with the locals; that language will not be a barrier to building relationships and sharing God’s word.
  • Pray for provision for our missionary team, that the support they will receive will be more than enough to cover their needs.
  • Long-term visas for our team because their student visa will expire, and they will need to renew soon.
  • Pray for openness and receptivity of the locals as our team builds relationships with them. That more people will gravitate towards them as they share God’s love.




September 2015

Please join us as we continue to pray for our students, missionaries, and leaders in Hong Kong.

  • For the members of Every Nation Hong Kong to be strongly established in the Christian faith. Pray that each person will have a hunger to know God more everyday.
  • For the Holy Spirit’s wisdom to guide all the plans and actions of our leaders and missionaries.
  • For local students to rise up as godly leaders in their campuses, families, and communities.
  • For unity, good health, and continued provision for our leaders and missionaries.

August 2015

Please join us as we continue to pray for our students, missionaries, and leaders in Jakarta, Indonesia.

  • Pray for the local students to respond as we share the gospel in the campuses. Pray for all the missionaries, leaders, and pastors of MSI Indonesia.  Pray that they will be strengthened and emboldened by God’s love everyday as they preach the gospel to the Indonesians.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will open the spiritual eyes and ears of the Muslims in Indonesia. Pray that they will encounter Jesus through our church.
  • Pray that the local student leaders will have strong Biblical foundations and that they will have the passionate desire to evangelize and disciple other youth in Indonesia.
  • Pray for our church planting and campus ministry initiatives in West Jakarta. Pray for creativity, unity, and efficiency as our leaders prepare for the first youth service in the area. Pray that many students in Trisakti University and Tarumanagara University will be encouraged to attend the youth service.

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