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Every Nation holds 1st IndoChina Conference

On behalf of all the cross-cultural missionaries, church planters, campus missionaries, and administrative staff of Every Nation World Missions, we would like to wish you a Happy Christmas and a Joyous New Year!

As we celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ, we remember the millions of people across Asia and the rest of the world who do not have a relationship with Him. Thanks in great part to your support, many brave men and women are now working on the missions field to bring the gospel to them.

Two weeks ago, more than 150 missionaries, senior pastors, and local leaders came together for Every Nation’s first IndoChina conference. With leaders from churches in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam, the conference offered our ministry leaders the chance to meet and hear reports of what God is doing in these nations. It also offered them welcome opportunities to see why we are, as a movement, better together.

To fully achieve the conference objective of improving church health, delegates were refreshed on a variety of topics, including discipleship, empowering leadership, missional alignment, creating inspiring worship services, functional structures, finances, and pastor’s key relationships. Please stand with us in faith that God will bless our efforts together in 2017, for the sake of the gospel.

Also, in 2016, we made inroads into Bhutan, Georgia, and Jordan, sending church planting teams to scout the land and begin engaging the locals. This 2017, we are in the thick of plans for the next set of countries in Asia that do not have an Every Nation church. More about these nations in the coming newsletters.

Once again, we thank you for your faithful support of our ministry. May God continue to bless you and your families with good health and provision, heading into 2017. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Doing desert discipleship

Every Nation cross-cultural missionary Portia* has spent considerable time in a creative access Middle Eastern nation, engaging with its locals and learning its language and culture. Over the past five months since her arrival in this oil-rich nation, she has worked tirelessly to engage the locals, but it hasn’t been easy.

“During my first two months here,” she says, “I tried to go to the malls, parks, and coffee shops, praying and looking for peaceful persons. I often went home in tears, because most of the people I tried to talk to, generally ignored me.”

Southeast Asians are looked down on in this Middle Eastern nation, so Portia found herself discriminated against from the get-go. “It seemed hopeless,” she says, “until I decided to enroll in a school, and everything fell into place.”

Because Portia didn’t speak a word of Arabic, she decided to enroll into an underground language school for faith workers. Until her enrollment, she didn’t speak a word of Arabic, but by God’s grace, in two weeks, Portia was able to hold her own.

“I felt pressure because many other workers who I’ve met here have a background in Arabic,” she says. “But by God’s grace, in two weeks, I was already constructing basic sentences.”

Portia also found herself connected to a group of other faith workers, who hold the ropes with her on a daily basis.

“There are many of us here,” she says, “and we’re mostly foreigners, but we all try to go about our ministries without being spotted or targeted by the police. I really appreciate the Body of Christ here,” she adds, “we protect and help one another even if we’re from different Christian organizations.”

Christians generally enjoy more freedom here than in other Middle Eastern Muslim nations, although they are not free to evangelize Muslims. 92% of the the population in this nation are Muslim, while about 4% are Christian. Portia had to adjust to significantly lesser freedom than what she had in her native country. “There are more men around here,” she says, “so I don’t walk around alone. The men tend to harass women who are out in public. Overall, they’re good people, but they can discriminate against foreigners and non-Muslims, and are very protective of their territory.”

“I was surprised at how conservative everyone was here,” Portia says. “Foreigners who modestly cover themselves with pants and long-sleeved polos are generally treated well.”

Not long after enrolling in the language school, Portia met and struck up a conversation with a woman named Ms. T, who invited Portia to her home 30 minutes away from the city in which she was staying.

“One night, I met her entire family,” Portia says, “including her uncle, who is a Muslim imam, as well as her father, a former soldier. I was excited yet scared, and my prayer partners prayed for me throughout that night.” She didn’t get a chance to preach the gospel then, but she used that as an opportunity to build a closer relationship with Ms. T’s family.

Another evening, Ms. T’s husband engaged her in polite yet passionate conversation about their faith. It was the first time she had encountered a Muslim interested in discussing religion.

“It was intense,” Portia recalls, “and I just listened to him. When I did get a chance to talk to him about grace, he found it very difficult to believe that someone else would take on his sins for him. It didn’t seen very logical to him. Still,” Portia smiles, “I strongly believe we will meet again. They’ve invited me again to their home, and I’m believing God that He will open their eyes to the beauty and truth of the gospel.”

*Portia’s name has been changed for security purposes.

We invite you to hold the ropes with us for Portia, using the following prayer points:
1) Ask God for protection and wisdom for Portia as she engages Ms T’s family, particularly her husband and uncle.
2) Believe God for favor and provision for Portia as she continues to learn the Arabic language.
3) Ask God for open doors for Portia to meet and engage more women.

Ten Days of Reaching the Next Generation

Last October, a team of Ten Days missioners from Victory Pioneer was deployed to this populous creative access nation in East Asia. The team, composed of thirteen men and women with a heart for world missions, spent twelve days in this nation with the main purpose of preaching God’s word there. We talked to Dara, one of the members of the team, and we’re thrilled to share her updates from their trip.

The nation’s people were taught at a young age that there is no God, so atheism is deeply rooted in their culture. The idea of a God is something that is very hard for them to grasp, which was a challenge for the missioners, but was also an opportunity to present the gospel with a clean slate.

To engage the next generation, the team embarked on campus outreaches, which included doing the God Test to students. Their outreach efforts culminated in an event where they were able to help plug the invitees into small groups, and invite them to have a relationship with Jesus.

Out of the 80 people who attended the campus outreach, 36 of them were students that the group engaged. “They even brought their friends!” Dara shares, “A number of them accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and are now part of a small group.”

Apart from the campus outreach, the team also engaged people they met in the university. They were able to connect with students who are members of the Communist Party. One of them was introduced to the local church members and is now being discipled. “We’re believing by faith that he will eventually have a relationship with Jesus,” Dara says.
By being open to meeting new people, and not being afraid of the language barrier, the team was also able to preach the gospel to two ladies, and both of them accepted Jesus as their Savior.
They also had the privilege to minister to the local members of the church through small group discipleship, praying, testimony sharing, equipping classes, and volunteer training. “It was a revelation witnessing the church members’ hunger for God,” Dara shares, “We saw their desire to grow deeper in their walk with Him.”
The local church also ministered to the team by praying for them in their mother tongue. This experience gave the team an added awareness that they are part of a bigger church family around the world. “It felt great to see and be part of God’s work in a restricted nation!” Dara shares.
God has truly paved the way for the gospel to reach the people of this country, and this is only the beginning. As we sow seeds of faith for this nation, let us intercede for the local team and our missionaries, and pray for open doors in the campuses.
For Dara and her team, their Ten Days trip was an eye-opener. Witnessing the local church members’ hunger to know God inspired them to go all out in seeking Him more. “We’re humbled to know that we’re part of a church family outside of the Philippines,” Dara says, “One that desires to honor God and make disciples in other nations, no matter what.”

Ten Days Team Instrumental to Breakthroughs in Papua New Guinea

We’re excited to share with you the breakthroughs we’re experiencing at Papua New Guinea! 

Last August 23, Pastor Sherwin Sabado and his family landed in Papua New Guinea; a month later, a Ten Days team from Victory Metro East followed. It was a fruitful time of reaching out to the locals and connecting them to the church.

God is certainly opening doors in this nation. One noteworthy connection made was with Daniel*, an employee in the National Parliament House. The Ten Days team went to the Parliament House with the intention of doing a prayer walk; while there, they were able to engage some employees. Their brief chitchat resulted into them being invited inside the building.

Daniel, who happens to be in charge of touring visitors, assisted the Ten Days Team inside the session hall. Eventually, the team prayed for him, and invited him to church. The following Sunday, he came with his family–his wife, kid, and two nieces. Right now, he and his wife Christa*, are going through ONE 2 ONE with Pastor Sherwin, and Ria*, a missionary.

The opportunities to preach the gospel don’t end there. Kala, a former Papua New Guinea ambassador to South Korea, was also invited to the Sunday service by one of the Filipino members of Every Nation Papua New Guinea. There, he met Pastor Sherwin, and was connected to a small group. Today, he is also going through ONE 2 ONE, too.

With the help of the Ten Days team, the campus ministry was jump-started in Gerehu Secondary School. The team used the God Test to engage the students and to gauge their understanding of Christianity. The students were very open to learning and hearing more about God. Relationships were established, and some even started attending the Sunday service regularly. A couple of students have also made the decision to undergo ONE 2 ONE.

During a concert of the Planetshakers, a popular Christian band from Australia, two students were also reached out to by the Ten Days team. They have finished ONE 2 ONE, and are now consistently attending the Sunday service, while being discipled by Pastor Sherwin, too.

Indeed, the breakthroughs in Papua New Guinea are unstoppable. Last August 28, they celebrated their fourth anniversary. The Philippine Consul, together with her husband, was present and she spoke before the congregation. It was a joyous time of giving thanks, and praying together as a body of believers, as they collectively dedicated their nation to God. 

Together, let us pray that the seeds planted by our Ten Days team will grow and bear fruit. Let us intercede for our Every Nation church in Papua New Guinea as we identify and raise more leaders. The 2011 census found that 95.6% of citizens identified themselves as members of a Christian church. However, many citizens combine their Christian faith with some traditional indigenous religious practices. Together, let us intercede for them, so that God’s kingdom will advance in this nation and more disciples are raised up to be disciple makers, too.

* Persons’ names have been changed to protect their identity.

Ten Days Team Reaches Out to Youth in Restricted Nation

Every Nation is a church planting movement with a vision to establish churches and campus ministries in every nation. In Asia, we train leaders to engage, establish, equip, and empower believers for the work of ministry, sending out cross-cultural missionaries, campus missionaries, and Ten Days missioners to bring the gospel to nations across Asia.

In October 2016, a Ten Days team visited a restricted nation in East Asia. For several days, they engaged locals and ministered to key leaders of our churches in the city capital of a northwestern province; at present, Every Nation has three church locations here.

“We learned that there are currently 65 small groups meeting regularly here,” Divine, a member of the team from Victory Caloocan, shares excitedly. “Seventy men and women are going through ONE 2 ONE now, and around 400 people have already undergone Victory Weekend!”

On the average, around 500 people regularly attend the Sunday services here, many of whom are young people. Our Ten Days team was able to engage many students in four universities, and connected the majority of them to our Every Nation church. These students were able to attend their first worship service, where they also witnessed their newfound friends serve in church through KIDS Church and praise and worship leading. “One of our teammates met a male student in a university,” Divine shares, “After a few hours of engaging, the student accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.”

On a day designated as “Campus Day,” Divine and her team visited their target universities to meet the local students. “We met three students in this university,” she shares, “We were surprised that after a few hours, they also invited their roommates to join us!” With their newfound friends, they were further connected to more students, whom they also invited to fellowship with them. By evening, Divine and her team were able to meet and engage with a total of 40 students, who all joined their small group.

The team was also tasked to spearhead a farewell party at the church for the students they’ve met the past ten days. “We were overwhelmed with the turnout!” Divine exclaims, “More than 50 students from different campuses showed up!” The party became a venue for them to fellowship with the students, share their testimonies, and preach the gospel to them. “We got feedback that the students felt so welcomed and loved,” Divine says, “We were able to connect them to the church and share God’s love to them!”

For Divine and her teammates, their Ten Days trip allowed them to have a deeper compassion towards other people. They learned to trust God in a new country despite cultural differences and the language barrier, and this helped them grow deeper in their relationship with God.

“God opened our eyes to see that there is no such thing as a restricted nation,” Divine says, “The power of the Gospel can penetrate the hearts of the people. Someone just needs to go out of his or her comfort zone to make sure it reaches them.”