Breaking ground and building relationships

It has been several months since our missionaries started reaching out to this restricted nation in Central Asia, but God has already granted them divine appointments and open doors.

Despite the language barrier, our missionaries have started building relationships in the school they’re enrolled in, while learning the language themselves. To engage more people, they’ve invited five newfound friends to their home, two of whom are Korean Christians who do not have a church in that nation. They’ve also connected with two Muslim locals, whom they engage through social activities. Even in their dormitory, our missionaries are able to share God’s love with their fellow dormers and the Filipinos working there. They look forward to meeting them soon for Bible study and small group, which hopefully will transition into a house church in the future.

As our missionary team breaks new grounds and adjusts with their transition, they pray that the relationships they’ve established will continue to flourish and bear lasting fruits. The size of the task ahead of them is great, but they fix their eyes on the Lord, who is greater and bigger than their challenges ahead.


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