School of World Missions


  1. The School of World Missions
  2. Mission
  3. Curriculum
  4. Fees
  5. Schedule
  6. Admissions


The School of World Missions is one of the four schools that comprise the Every Nation Schools of Ministry. It hosts a four-month curriculum designed to help future missionaries live out their calling to serve in cross-cultural ministry.

The school’s commitment to the highest standards of leadership development has produced alumni who are now serving as pastors, missionaries, and leaders in key ministries all over Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and North America.


The School of World Missions aims to raise missionaries who exemplify consistent spiritual disciplines and excellent leadership and discipleship skills that are necessary to engage and adapt to any given culture.

The school seeks to train cross-cultural workers to effectively engage communities, disciple individuals, plant churches, and train local leaders in their selected nation, while simultaneously developing and maintaining their partnership teams


The school curriculum includes areas of study that provide both academic and hands-on training to the students:

  1. Core Courses
    1. Every Nation Vision and Values
    2. Discipleship Principles
    3. Dynamics of Spiritual Life
    4. Leadership Skills
  2. Specialized Content
    1. Missionary Anthropology
    2. Missionary Strategy
    3. Missionary Life
  3. Practicum
    1. Thesis Presentation
    2. International Short-term Missions
    3. Missions Challenge
    4. Local Church Involvement
    5. Urban Poor Exposure



  • School Fees
Tuition Fee $1,200.00




ENLI Fast Track in DVDs 1 and 2 $100.00
  • Living Expenses


Single $125.00 – $250.00 Room sharing for 2-4 pax per condo unit per month
Family $500.00 – $700.00 Whole condo unit per month
Food: $10.00 per day


Jeep $ .2 cents minimum fare
Taxi $1.00 flag down rate and additional $.1 cent per meter
City Bus $ .3 cents minimum fare and additional $.1 cent per meter
  • Class Activities
Acquaintance Party $7.50
Missions Challenge $250.00
Cultural Trip $25.00
Real Life Foundation $12.50
Team Bldg. $25.00
Ten Days $1,000.00
Campus Ministry $120.00


The School of World Missions is now accepting applications for its 2014 program!
The admission process is ongoing until December 2013. Classes start in January 2014.

2014 Program
Application Period June – December 2013
Start of Classes January 2014
Graduation April 2014
2015 Program
Application Period June – December 2014
Start of Classes January 2015
Graduation May 2015


Step 1: First Interview with Local Church Senior Pastor
The Local Church Senior Pastor shall fill out the Evaluation Form and Recommendation Form for the applicant.

Step 2: Submission of initial requirements
The following application requirements shall be submitted to
the School of World Missions office:

  • Duly-accomplished Application Form with applicant’s recent ID picture
    (passport size, white background)
  • Applicant’s testimony, vision for the ministry, and plans after course completion
  • Senior Pastor’s Recommendation Form and Evaluation Form

* Note: Applications with incomplete requirements will not be processed.

Step 3: Final Interview with the School Director
Applicants will be informed of their assigned schedule for interview with
the School Director.

Step 4: Admission confirmation
A confirmation of admission into program will be sent via email to qualified students.

Step 5: Submission of final requirements
Upon admission, students will submit the following requirements:

  • Diploma/Certificate (photocopy)
  • Certificate of Completion for ENLI Fast Track 1& 2 (photocopy)
  • Transcript of Records (photocopy)
  • Medical Certificate (recent)
  • Passport (photocopy)